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Online technical support | Technical Support

7 days

This product is electronically distributed.

• Fix Windows problems.

• Repair and install programs.

• Provide tips and solutions about your device problems.

• Fix audio and video problems.

Note: The program (AnyDesk or TeamViewer remote assistance) will be used to provide the service in a better way, or via voice communication.

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580 ج.م
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Support Details

Remote maintenance service. Online technical support | Technical Support

Does your device need maintenance?

Always be comfortable with the online technical support service, repairing your device has become much easier than before.

We have the best experts in this field

Simply, the specialist enters your computer remotely using a utility program such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer and fixes the problem as soon as possible.


Download and install software

Without activating it, you must purchase a license for it from the following link from our site! If you do not find the special license a program, contact us via the following link.

Cost price: 250 EGP

Define printers

Inspect the device fully and solve problems e. Provide technical advice from specialized experts.

Cost price: 450 EGP

When you request to identify the printer and download the software, you will get a free device check and free consultation.

Install a copy of Windows

If you have a device with a copy of Windows and you also have a flash drive of no less than 8 GB, you can download the copy from its official website and burn it, and we will help you in how to install it.

If you do not have another device or you do not have a USB flash, contact us via the WhatsApp application on 01066170179. A flash will be sent to you with the copy of Windows you need at a price of 110 EGP for Windows Pro and 140 EGP for Windows 11 Pro, not including the activation key.  activation key can be purchased From the following link.

• How to install the system or format:

Our Guarantee

Guarantee of a full refund if the problem is not resolved, ensuring the privacy of your device and not tampering with your files, ensuring the quality and speed of work, as we have more than 10,000 customers who trust us and use our services.

Choose the service you want

complete payment

 maintenance technician will contact you and provide you with a way to access your device after successfully completing the payment process.

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What do you Want:
Original Windows Download & install
Number of Devices
Only One Device!
Automated delivery
Supported Region
All countries of the world
Delivery Method
Fast and innovative delivery of our products - no need to wait for them to arrive at your home!
Supported languages
Only arabic!
Operating Information
Operating System:
Windows 7
Storage Capacity:
512 MB, 700 MHz, GDDR3
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